Shoulder Injury Compensation

I recently underwent shoulder corrective surgery which should have been a routine procedure. However I have experienced severe shoulder pain since my operation. Is it possible to claim shoulder injury compensation against a medic?

Claiming shoulder injury compensation is possible if you were the victim of medical negligence — however proving this can be difficult, and it is best done with the assistance of a personal injury solicitor. In order to prove that you are entitled to compensation, it must be determined that the surgeon who performed the procedure had acted with carelessness and caused an injury which was entirely avoidable. However this is not always the case. It is possible that your shoulder surgery did not go according to plan, and a complication arose making the likelihood of an injury occurring inevitable. If your claim to compensation is to be successful, it must be determined that the surgeon made an unnecessary manoeuver which a competent surgeon would not have made.

To determine your eligibility to shoulder injury compensation, the expert opinion of medical professionals will be required to prove the negligence of the surgeon who performed your procedure. In the situation where liability for your injury is not immediately admitted, the circumstances of your injury will have to be analysed by a panel of medical experts. They will establish whether the surgeon had acted reasonably, or if negligent actions had been taken which would not have been repeated by a surgeon who was competent. Should negligence for your shoulder injury be verified, there is a greater likelihood that your claim will be successful.

It must be remembered that making shoulder injury compensation claims may be complicated if you suspect that medical negligence is a factor. For this reason you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor in order to represent the claim on your behalf. A solicitor can initiate a claim for you, and help gather evidence by having medical experts assess your accident and injury to determine if medical negligence was a factor in your condition and that a competent surgeon would not have taken the same procedure. You will also have to undertake a medical examination in order to establish the severity of your shoulder injury, which will help determine the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled.

It should also be noted that a time limit of three years exists in order to make a personal injury claim as per the Statute of Limitations. While this may seem like sufficient time, it should be remembered that a medical negligence claim may take some time to prepare due to its complexity. For this reason, you are advised to contact a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity in order to initiate a claim to shoulder injury compensation.