Judge Awards Compensation to Young Girl in Debenhams Accident

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A judge has awarded €10,000 in compensation to a young girl who suffered a severe laceration to her finger in an accident in Debenhams store in Henry Street.

In March 2011, Naoise Walsh (six years of age at the time of the incident) attempted to remove a drink carton from a fridge in the cafe section of Debenhams department store in Henry Street, Dublin. As she was doing so, Naoise’s finger caught on the metal grill of the shelf, causing a deep cut to form on the little girl’s finger.

As Naoise was bleeding quite heavily, the emergency services were notified. Naoise received first aid on the scene before being transported to the Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin by ambulance. The wound was properly dressed here, and Naoise was sent home.

Naoise had to return to the hospital the following day for her finger to be examined under general anaesthetic. No tendon damage was found under examination, and the wound was stitched. Naoise was discharged from the hospital later that same day.

On behalf of her daughter, Amy Walsh-of Bluebell, Dublin-made a claim for compensation for a cut finger in a shop accident against the Debenhams store in Henry Street. The defendants admitted liability for the little girl’s injury, and offered the girl €10,000 in compensation. As Naoise was a child at the time of the accident, the settlement needed to be approved by a judge on her behalf.

At the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin, Court President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke heard the circumstances of the case, and approved the settlement that the Debenhams store had offered to Naoise regarding her cut finger in a shop claim. The case was then closed.



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