Court Awards Compensation to Tesco Fall Victim

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A young girl has been awarded compensation by the Circuit Civil Court after sustaining an injury from falling in her local Tesco, leaving a scar on her forehead.

In September 2010, Angela Prendergast (six years old at the time of the accident) was shopping with her mother-Ann-at her local Tesco Express Supermarket in Kilcoole, County Wicklow. As she was walking along the frozen food aisle, Angela slipped on the wet floor. As she fell, she banged her head against a steel freezer, injuring her forehead.

First Aid was administered by a member of Tesco’s staff, and when they left the supermarket, Ann brought her daughter to the local hospital. Angela’s head wound was cleaned and stitched with glue. As a result of the injury, Angela has a two centimetre scar on the right side of her forehead, which serves as a permanent reminder of her fall.

On Angela’s behalf, Ann sought legal counsel and made a claim for injury compensation for a slip and fall in Tesco against Tesco Ireland Ltd. The defendants admitted that their staff had been negligent in ensuring that the floor was safe to walk on, and that had been a contributory factor in Angela’s fall. A settlement of €18,000 was negotiated between the two parties.

As Angela was a minor at the time of the fall, her compensation settlement needed to be approved by a judge on her behalf. The case was brought to court, and was heard by Mr Justice Matthew Deery at the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin.

Judge Deery heard the circumstances of Angela’s case. He was told how she banged her head, and saw the scar that had been left on the little girl’s face. The judge approved the settlement of compensation for a slip and fall in Tesco on her behalf. The money will now be paid into court funds until Angela reaches the age of eighteen, at which time she can access them herself.

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