£1.3 Million Awarded to Man Left Partially Blind by Gym Accident

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A man who was left blind in one eye after an accident in a gym has been awarded compensation of £1.3 million.

In June 2014, Mauro Carneiro (46) of County Durham was exercising at the David Lloyd Lesure Centre in Stockton-On-Tees. The nylon webbing supporting a D-ring attached to a fitness resistance band gave way, causing it to recoil. As a result, the D-ring and carabineer clips collided with Mauro’s face, damaging his eyes.

The force of the impact caused Mauro to be left permanently blind in his left eye, and only partially sighted in his right eye. Mauro sought legal advice following the incident, and made a claim for compensation for a personal training injury against the gym. The gym was also investigated by safety officials from the nearby Stockton Borough Council.

Following the investigation, the council claimed that David Lloyd Leisure Limited had been negligent in carrying out suitable risk assessment, and breached its duty of care in violation of Section 30 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The defendant pleaded guilty to the charges at Teeside Crown Court last week. It was also revealed that Mauro had settled his claim for compensation with the gym for £1.3 million.

In spite of the fact that the leisure centre admitted liability for Mauro’s injuries, the culpability for the accident is still disputed. This dispute will affect the sentence that David Lloyd Leisure Ltd receives. The case was adjourned for sentencing until May 15th of this year.

Steve Nelson-Stockton Borough Councillor and the Council Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety-stated:“This is a tragic case and one that I hope is never repeated again. Most people attend gyms to improve their health not to suffer life changing injuries. Everyone in this industry has a responsibility to ensure their equipment is maintained and used correctly.”

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